Conference Submissions

Receiving seminar proposals for the Serve stream at the Mission Central Conference (Jan 30-Jan 31).

The Serve seminars are a unique experience! You’ll never get an opportunity to experience the breadth or depth of topics that you find at Serve Seminars. This is an amazing opportunity to increase your missional IQ and learn from missional practitioners. 

From April 15 until August 15, 2020 we will receive seminar proposals for Serve 2021. 

To read the Mission Central seminar goals and guidelines click here.

To apply to teach a seminar email 

Seminar Committee Opportunity

Recruiting new seminar committee members for the 2021 conference

Missions Fest is now adding new members to its seminar committee. At the seminar committee we aim to represent the diversity in experience, age, gender, and calling of people in the body of Christ. At this point we are looking for individuals with the following profiles:

Profile #1: 23-28 year old Christian professional currently working in the market-place (not working in a Christian org./church), and passionate about Mission/reaching out. S/he needs to be part of a church.

All seminar committee members are volunteers.

Conference and Committee Background.

Missions Fest Vancouver has a 37 year track record and was the largest annual mission conference in North America. Serve will continue the vision and mission of Missions Fest. We partner with the local church to create a global sense of God’s redemptive work in our city and the world.

In 2021 there will be over 40+ seminars hosted at Serve. Applicants submit proposals that are evaluated by a seminar committee. The seminar committee aims to reflect the diversity in age, gender, cultural experience, and Christian tradition that The Church of Christ has.  Here is the list of our last conference seminars:

Time Commitment.

Seminar committee members will meet 5-6 times during 2020.

5-6 meetings of 2 hours each.  

One meeting in April, the other meetings will be late August or early September until the mid/end of October.

The meetings are once a week likely on a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. Specific time/dates will be announced in the fall. 

Seminar Applications

Check Updates regarding seminar submissions here: Seminar Application